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France’s tax grab on second homes? Not agreed as yet!

The headlines have been awash with news that owners of second homes in France whom reside outside of the country are set to be hit with mighty tax bills. As always, the press has played hard on the scary side of things and it’s almost as if the new tax laws are already in place … Continue reading »

New French Capital Gains Tax – French property owners willing to accept lower offers in a bid to avoid CGT

In a bid to help reduce its debt the French government announced at the end of August, that second home owners would no longer be exempt from Capital Gains Tax after 15 years but after 30 years. This drastic increase from 15 to 30 years is thought to be causing a buyers market as sellers … Continue reading »

Could you save money on your new heating system or wood burning stove for your French property?

Putting in a new heating system or wood burning stove in your French property ? You may qualify for a tax credit. If you’re looking at putting in a new heating system, wood burning stove or replacing an existing boiler in your French property, it’s worth knowing that you could qualify for a tax credit. … Continue reading »

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