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Social Access Mortgages in France – allowing modest income families to purchase French property

The Pret a l’Asencsion Sociale (or Pret PAS as it is commonly known in France) is a subsidized mortgage with a government regulated interest rate. This type of mortgage was introduced in 1993 as an additional way of helping modest income, but financially solvent families onto the housing ladder. The mortgage is means tested and … Continue reading »

France’s tax grab on second homes? Not agreed as yet!

The headlines have been awash with news that owners of second homes in France whom reside outside of the country are set to be hit with mighty tax bills. As always, the press has played hard on the scary side of things and it’s almost as if the new tax laws are already in place … Continue reading »

French Property Market Going Strong

Wondering what’s happening in the French property market? French Mortgage Direct feature in this article by Complete France.

House sales are still buoyant in the South of France

Interesting insight into the Languedoc property market by Peter Mathews of Legget Immobilier. “After the disaster of the last couple of years where house sales have been “flat” to say the least, Leggett Immobilier has bucked the trend by posting its best trading periods for some time. As ever, clients from abroad are searching for … Continue reading »

Question of the week: French Mortgages and Property Auctions

Each week, I will answer one of your questions relating to French property or finance. For more information or to find out how to ask a question please click here. Q: Please could you advise on whether I will need the funding immediately if I buy a French property at auction? A: Yes you would. … Continue reading »

New French Capital Gains Tax – French property owners willing to accept lower offers in a bid to avoid CGT

In a bid to help reduce its debt the French government announced at the end of August, that second home owners would no longer be exempt from Capital Gains Tax after 15 years but after 30 years. This drastic increase from 15 to 30 years is thought to be causing a buyers market as sellers … Continue reading »

Residential Buy to Let in France

The French are a nation of renters and are currently suffering from a shortage of accommodation. A number of measures have been taken by the French government to solve this problem one of which is a residential buy to let scheme which was introduced by Mr De Robien. The scheme has evolved in recent times … Continue reading »

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