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Social Access Mortgages in France – allowing modest income families to purchase French property

The Pret a l’Asencsion Sociale (or Pret PAS as it is commonly known in France) is a subsidized mortgage with a government regulated interest rate. This type of mortgage was introduced in 1993 as an additional way of helping modest income, but financially solvent families onto the housing ladder. The mortgage is means tested and … Continue reading »

Spotlight on… What Paperwork you will need to apply for a French mortgage

This is a non-exhaustive list of documents typically required when applying for a French mortgage (some banks may not ask for all of these items): Concerning Your Identity: Photocopy of your passport clearly showing your personal details. Photocopy of your marriage certificate. Photocopy of your birth certificate. Original utility or council tax bill less than … Continue reading »

France’s tax grab on second homes? Not agreed as yet!

The headlines have been awash with news that owners of second homes in France whom reside outside of the country are set to be hit with mighty tax bills. As always, the press has played hard on the scary side of things and it’s almost as if the new tax laws are already in place … Continue reading »

How much to offer on a French property?

Well, that depends. How much do you pay for anything? A lot of people think that property in France is as cheap as chips, and perhaps it is in very rural areas but do you really want to have a holiday home that is remote and will take you hours to drive to? When looking … Continue reading »

French Property Market Going Strong

Wondering what’s happening in the French property market? French Mortgage Direct feature in this article by Complete France.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates in France Fall

Fixed rate mortgage rates in France are falling, getting closer and closer to their lowest level recorded at the end of 2010. With the interbank 10 year OAT borrowing rate at its lowest level as of June 1st, banks are able to borrow at a lower rate and many banks are passing their savings on … Continue reading »

3 Reasons why you should buy with a French Mortgage

Not sure of whether to take a French mortgage or not to fund your French property purchase? Before spending all your cash, make sure you read the points below: 1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Buying with a mortgage will allow you to keep back some of your savings for when you … Continue reading »

French lenders potential demise sends shockwave through French mortgage market.

The French finance world is trembling today after news of Credit Immoblier de France’s potential demise. Days after France’s newly elected President, François Hollande takes on his new role, he is faced with the almighty challenge of a French banking nightmare and the decision whether to nationalize or not one of France’s troubled mortgage lenders. … Continue reading »

Peak Property Hunting Season kicks off in France with low mortgage rates

As the summer months approach and the property buying season kicks off, purchasers will be glad to know that French mortgage rates are on their way down. Aside from the obvious fact that it is cheaper to borrow, lower interest rates also mean that purchasers buying potential increases as lower monthly payments equate to lower … Continue reading »

Equity release mortgages in France

Equity release is not common in France and over the years some of the French banks have ventured into trying to provide this service but as soon as the market toughened up, the majority were quick to withdraw their offerings. Why? Well, French banks are very much risk adverse (obviously not in terms of speculation … Continue reading »

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