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French Mortgages

3 Reasons why you should buy with a French Mortgage

Not sure of whether to take a French mortgage or not to fund your French property purchase? Before spending all your cash, make sure you read the points below:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Buying with a mortgage will allow you to keep back some of your savings for when you really need them.
Re-mortgaging and equity release are uncommon in France and it is quite difficult to obtain an equity release just for the sake of releasing equity. Often the desire to release equity comes at a time of financial difficulty so the few banks that will allow you to release equity will request the there is a specific purpose for the additional funding (for example another house purchase, to pay school fees etc). For non-French based residents with property in popular tourist areas that are a few more possibilities.

2. Have your mortgage in the same currency as your property: whilst your monthly repayments may differ due to the currency conversions, the amount you owe in Euros will always remain the same thus reducing the risk of negative equity. Forward contracts with a currency exchange broker can help protect against monthly payment increases.

3. Benefit from consistently low rates: French mortgage interest rates have been historically low and are set to remain low. Furthermore, with a good range of fixed rate mortgages, it is possible to know exactly what your monthly repayments are for the entire mortgage duration.

To find out more, please contact independent French mortgage broker French Mortgage Direct now – website or telephone 0044 800 530 0673.


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