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48% of French notaries consider property prices in France stable

According to a recent study by Professeur Bernard Thion for immonot.com, 48% of French notaires consider French property prices as stable. The study mainly concentrates on the fact that 50% of French notaires believe that French property prices will decrease due to the imminent financial crisis and recent tax changes (read about changes to Capital … Continue reading »

New French Capital Gains Tax – French property owners willing to accept lower offers in a bid to avoid CGT

In a bid to help reduce its debt the French government announced at the end of August, that second home owners would no longer be exempt from Capital Gains Tax after 15 years but after 30 years. This drastic increase from 15 to 30 years is thought to be causing a buyers market as sellers … Continue reading »

Regional Focus: Champagne-Ardenne

Champagne-Ardenne is in the northeast of France, bordering Belgium. It consists of four departments: Aube, Ardennes, Haute-Marne, and Marne. its rivers, all of which flow west, include the Seine, the Marne, and the Aisne. The baptism of Clovis in Reims, a key event in the history of Champagne-Ardenne, launched a long-lasting tradition of anointing the … Continue reading »

Regional Focus: Centre

Named “Centre” for its location in the heart of France, this remarkable region is dominated by the legendary Loire Valley. It is easily accessible from Paris, thanks to numerous autoroutes and the TGV high-speed train, which makes its Paris-to-Tours run in only 55 minutes. From early spring to late autumn, natural splendors abound in the … Continue reading »

Regional Focus: Burgundy

As one of the richest regions of France, the historic towns and villages of Burgundy are the product of many centuries of civilization. It’s a region known the world over as the producer of some of the finest wines and food available anywhere on this planet. Travelling through Burgundy is a unique experience in what … Continue reading »

Regional Focus: Brittany

No one area – and certainly no one city or town – in Brittany encapsulates the character of the province; this lies in its people and in its geographical unity. For generations Bretons risked their lives fishing and trading on the violent seas and struggled with the arid soil of the interior. This toughness and … Continue reading »

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